Auto Expressions Earns Best in Business Award from City

First Ever "Neighborhood Pioneer" Receives Honor
By Shelly Lembke, Staff Writer

Kevin McAninch was honored to accept Rancho Cordovaís "Neighborhood Pioneer" Best in Business Award at a recently televised City Council meeting. He was also a little nervous. "It was pretty cool. I got to give a speech." McAninch is the owner of Auto Expressions, a full service automotive service shop in Rancho Cordova. His own customers nominated him for the new award. 

"I donít lose customers unless they move away," said McAninch. There are regular customers who trek in from Elk Grove, Rancho Murietta and Lake Tahoe in addition to a large local customer base from Rancho Cordova and the Sacramento Metropolitan area. McAninch said he provides services for many local businesses and commuters as well Rancho residents because he is so conveniently located off South Sunrise.
     McAninch has been in the automotive business for 17 years and worked his way up

     According to the Cityís Economic Development Department, which runs the Best in Business program, McAninch and Auto Expressions received multiple nominations with regard to outstanding customer service, workmanship, industry knowledge and honesty. One nomination submitted said, "They are an asset to the community, customers are more than just an invoice, they are treated with respect and honesty."
     Auto Expressions has been in the same location for the last five years and the customers keep coming.

from the bottom. A few years ago he found himself successfully running a lucrative auto shop for some one else and began to think about moving on to something bigger "before I ended up wrenchiní forever." He began to look into starting his own automotive business, but decided that buying an existing business was a better choice.
A graduate of Mills Middle and Cordova High, McAninch was already familiar with Rancho Cordova when the time came to purchase his place. Equipped with his ASE (Automotive

Service Excellence) certification and a loyal following of customers, McAninch moved into his current location five years ago. Since then he says his customer base has continued to grow, "Weíve got a great clientele." McAninch says heís tried ads in the phone book and other places, but maintains that word of mouth canít be beat, "My best advertising is through my customers."
In his off hours McAninch looks forward to spending time with his wife and two year old son. A self proclaimed "gym rat," he also finds time to do serious work on jeeps and 4x4s. Heís spent time racing cars at the Sacramento Raceway, but now prefers off-roading.

     One of the things that McAninch says he thinks that sets his business apart from others is his use of computerized manuals, diagnostic equipment and invoicing software. He utilizes all the same information that dealerships and manufacturers have to ensure customers have the most up to date service information and specifications. Embracing technology also allows McAninch to streamline the experience for his customers, saving them time and money. They seem to appreciate his efforts and honesty. For McAninch, itís a two way street, "Iím always fair. I couldnít sleep at night if I wasnít."



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