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Whether it was the Grand Prix… The Navigator… The ¾-ton HD Chevy… or any of the “fleet vehicles” for my construction business… Kevin has been taking care of my cars for more than 5 years.  I trust him implicitly.  Most importantly, I trust Kevin’s service when sending my co-workers, friends and family to a mechanic. Kevin’s track record as he provides quality service and fairly recommends repairs to his clients keeps me, as well as my referrals, coming back as return customers.

On reactive repairs…
With my Grand Prix, it was typically a reactive situation where I needed “Yet another alternator” or needed to contend with some other sort of breakdown that had me in a spot without a vehicle.  On countless occasions, Kevin jumped in that morning and worked to get the car back on the road by day’s end to keep the issue transparent to me.  Today, with my construction business, getting back on the road within minutes / hours is even MORE important.  That sort of responsiveness and flexibility in his schedule is greatly appreciated to say the least!

On Proactive maintenance…

By the time I owned the Navigator, I was definitely tired of owning older vehicles. Kevin would take every opportunity to suggest proactive maintenance steps that would help save money in the long run.  On one occasion, I needed to replace the heater core and it required a complete tear-down of the dash-board. Another one of Kevin’s clients owned the same vehicle from the previous model-year where a $2 fan motor had burned out and required the same dash-board tear-down.  Since my vehicle had “followed” the same trends as the other vehicle on several other repairs, I’m confident that Kevin’s advice saved me several hundred dollars in labor since we killed two birds with one stone on that visit.  His awareness and experience in his field of expertise is priceless and been proven on many occasions.

On completely senseless things that truck owners simply find COOL:
Nowadays, with a new truck… you’d think I don’t need him anymore… but I still find ways to give him my money.  When it came time to install a lift kit, add some suspension to the front end and install automatic running boards, Kevin obviously got the job.  With his experience on installing lift kits (of ALL brands and sizes), I only trusted Kevin cutting into my frame and making the mods necessary for the installation as mistakes here could even further impact my ability to make warranty claims with the dealership on future issues.  Installing the running boards required dismantling all 4 door panels and other panels on the interior of the truck… Being able to drive away with a cool lift and no evidence of a total interior dismantle was definitely a good feeling!

In short… Thanks to Kevin for years of service on my sleds!  Whether it’s reactive, proactive or simply something cool…  I’ll keep sending folks his way, eh?!

Ryan Hebbeler
Lexington Trim & Finish

We here at Industrial Electronics Systems Inc have been going to Auto Expressions 8 plus years and the services has always been great!!  Kevin and his staff are very thorough with our cars and trucks and the best part - they are always honest.

Tim Mims
Industrial Electronics Systems

I have been collecting, modifying, and restoring cars for the last 40 years. During this time, I would like to think I have become a fair mechanic and a good judge of businesses that work on cars. In the time since Kevin McAninch first opened his shop "Auto Expressions" I have come to trust his mechanical abilities and business ethics beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Over the years I have also recommended many fellow car owners to Kevin's shop and have yet to hear a negative word. In fact quite the opposite….Everyone I have sent to him have had nothing but praise for his efforts, ability and fairness.

I, and many I know feel quite fortunate to have a mechanic and business owner they feel they can trust under any circumstance.

Bon Deplitch
Teledyne Technologies

I can’t say enough regarding the honest and reliable service I’ve received for over 10 years now with Auto Expressions.  Kevin and the Auto Expressions Staff are always comprehensible in their work, and they always do things right the first time!  Since taking our cars to Auto Expressions, We’ve never experienced surprises and unauthorized work which is so common in the automotive industry.  I thoroughly trust and value the work Auto Expressions does which is why we continue doing business with them.  Most importantly, we always feel safe and secure while driving on the road with our two children in the car.

Thanks for all that you do Kevin
Bob, Tina, Bobby and Tyra
Natural Bodybuilding At it's Best!
California Natural Muscle

"We've been going to, and referring people to, Kevin (Auto Expressions) for over 7 years.  Having someone who we trust in the automotive industry is a luxury that we don't take lightly.  Auto Expressions' service and honest business is second to none; you'll never want to entrust your car, safety or check book to anyone else!"

Alex & Vanessa Bryant
Folsom, CA.


My wife Sonja & I can't say enough great things about Kevin and Auto Expressions. We met a few years ago through a friend, called him for a problem with our Suburban and what a surprise from previous experiences. Very honest with great prices and does great work...a perfect combination. We have recommended Kevin to many friends and family and will continue to do so. Great guy, highly recommended.

Steve & Sonja Rath
El Dorado Hills, CA.





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